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Note: The Experience doesnt run on mobile devices

Immersive Experience

Designed by Ashley James Brown, this '3D Interactive Explorable World' enables you to view the video content created, alongside some of the thoughts and reflections during the process in a new and exciting way.

The landscape is inspired by the participants’ stories and the thoughts that came out during the research process.

This is our artistic response to the creative outputs, the research process and, most importantly, the young people’s voices, presented in a contemporary, explorable and non-linear fashion.

This digitally immersive environment invites visitors to get a sense of our creative process during Earth Stories. We also wanted to give young people a platform they could feel excited by and share with others. We have created a playful experience that encourages exploration of the material and asks questions along the way, prompting your own thoughts on the climate emergency.


The interactive world is presented as a webGL experience and as such requires a modern browser running on a dekstop or laptop.

A Keyboard and Mouse / Trackpad are required to navigate the world and interact with the content. As such this doesnt work particularly well on mobile devices or tablets.

Headphones are reccomended for a true immersive experience.

• Right click and move to look around the world.
• Left click to interact with the environment and the highlighted content.
• Arrow keys move you around the 3D world.


Loading times may vary depending on your internet connection and your computer specs. Please allow a few minutes for all the content to load.

An in-world menu will give you help and guidance accessed by clicking in the top right corner.

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